Troubleshooting Installation CreateCtrl Suite 10

If you encounter the following error message during the installation process

ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environement specified

follow the instructions below.

1. Right-click on the Windows-icon on your taskbar.

2. Choose System from the opened context menu.


The Settings-window dialog will appear on your screen.

3. Scroll down to Related settings and click on System info.

The System-window dialog will appear on your screen.

4. Click in the left panel on Advanced system settings.

The System Properties-window will appear on your screen.

5. Click on Environment Variable.



6. Select in the User variables-window the NLS_LANG variable.

7. Click Delete.

8. Select in the System variables-window the NLS_LANG variable.

If there is no NLS_LANG variable in the system variables-window, proceed with step 10.

9. Click Delete.

10. Click OK.

11. Restart your windows-system.



After the restart of your system, proceed with the installation process of the
CreateCtrl Suite 10.

 Watch here | Click on video for fullscreen