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Welcome to the user documentation of the CreateCtrl Suite 10.

This space is entirely about the CCUpdater. For other products of the CreateCtrl Suite 10, see here.




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If a new version has been provided by CreateCtrl, you will see a notification, when opening an application from the CreateCtrl Suite. You will be asked, if you want to install that update.

Please click OK.

After that, your computer will ask you the following:

Please confirm with Yes.

If you do not have administrative rights for your computer, the following dialog will show instead:

Please contact you IT administrator to give you administrative rights for your computer or to type in his administrator user data and confirm with Yes.

After that, you can log in to the CCUpdater.

If you decide to proceed with No, since you do not have administrative rights, the following error message will occur:

Press OK and contact your IT administrator. When he is available for you, please start at the beginning of this process.


Please log in to the CCUpdater with your usual credentials.

Now you will see, which updates have been provided to you.

Update Workflow

Please click Start update.

The update is now performed. When all updates are downloaded, you will be asked to close all applications from CreateCtrl.

Please close all applications from CreateCtrl and confirm with OK.

All updates have now been installed. You can restart the applications now.

Troubleshooting Installation of the CreateCtrl Suite

During and after the installation, the following problems can occur:

Problem Solution
You do not have administrator rights. Please ask your system administrator for help.
After a successfull installation, the ContentExplorer can not access the following features: drag&drop, copy&paste, network drives Please restart the ContentExplorer.
After a successfull installation, the ContentExplorer can not access the registry and error messages occur. Please restart the ContentExplorer.