2.1 Tab Start

In this tab you can press the following buttons:



Saves the current program plan. Please make sure to save your broadcasting plan regularly.


Planner message on saving the plan Do you want to save your changes?: This message appears whenever there are unsaved changes in the background of the broadcast plan. Here it makes sense to firstly call the function Track changes before saving the plan. This message can be activated/deactivated in the options of the Planner (Admin > Options > Broadcast date > Flag Apply modification log automatically).

Open new broadcast

For opening a new or further broadcast plan please click this button. Define the service and the broadcast day. The selected broadcast day will open after pressing the button .

You can open several different broadcast schedules for editing. To switch from one broadcast plan to the next please select the respective plan in Planning > Windows. You can reduce these windows by clicking on the button (top right-hand) and arrange them according to your needs per drag-and-drop. The bar for selecting the channel and the broadcast day applies to the active plan; you can activate a plan by clicking on it.


Please remember to deactivate the locking . Otherwise you will only have reading access in the Planner. This is mainly necessary for simultaneously opened scheduling sections, e. g. in the Programmer and Planner. The same plan can only be opened once with writing access - a parallel editing of a plan is not possible.


In case the Planner crashes and is locked after a restart, please terminate the session in the ContentExplorer. Then you can log on to the Planner again.

Activate/copy variation

The scheduling of a variation can be copied to the live plan of a channel. Please note that the wizard only works if both plans are open and show the same period of time. A click on Activate/copy variation opens the wizard; please enter the following data:

  • Planning period (date and time)
  • From variation/schedule (copy from which schedule)
  • To schedule/variation (copy to which schedule)
  • Backup variation (specify the variation for the backup of the schedule that will be overwritten)


To close the program plan after saving it please use the cross button in the title bar or press this button.


The dialog Attributes gives you the following information:

  • General: Name, Type, Broadcast day start and end
  • Statistics: Number of events, number of program events, promotion Events and commercials
  • Time remaining: Total time remaining and number of remaining times, Information on minimum and maximum time remaining

Changes overview

A click on this button opens the window Changelog that lists all changes that have been made.

Edit event

Opens the dialog Edit event.

Edit program

For each scheduled event you may view or edit the program data of the program or series episode in the dialog Edit program. Select the scheduled event and click Show program in the context menu of the right mouse or click this button. Here you will find detailed information in the various tabs, e. g. on the program version, texts, materials, on the parental rating data, on the length of the program or video and audio settings.

Edit series

In case the scheduled event is a series, you may also show and edit the series data. Click Show series in the context menu of the right mouse or click this button while selecting the event. The dialog Edit series opens. Here, you may edit the episode lengths, titel types and you may add further episodes.

Edit sequence

In case the scheduled event is a sequence, you may also show and edit the sequence data. Click Show sequence in the context menu of the right mouse or click this button while selecting the event. The dialog Edit sequence opens.

Edit material

The dialog Edit asset also is a ContentExplorer dialog. Usually the material data is collected in the ContentExplorer in the various tags of this dialog. However, you may also view and edit these data within the Programmer and Planner. For further information, please see the ContentExplorer User Guide.

Insert ad break

This function allows you to insert ad breaks individually for scheduled events provided that you havenā€˜t inserted the ad breaks already via a loaded slot template. You can position them before, within or behind scheduled events in the program schedule. With this function you can insert the ad breaks either

  • before the event
  • within the event or
  • after the event.
  1. Please select the event (or several events by multi-selection by pressing the key [SHIFT]) and choose the option Insert ad break in the context menu of the right mouse or click this button.
  2. Please select the position of the ad break (before, within or after the event).
  3. The dialog Indicate duration of ad break opens.
  4. Enter the duration of the ad break and click OK. The ad break will be inserted according to your specifications.

Play clip

Opens a Media Player for playing the currently selected element.

UndoUndoes the last action and restores the previous state of the program plan. Can be used more than once [CTRL + Z].

RedoRedoes the undid action. Restores the state, before something was undone. Can only be used, when something was undone recently and nothing was done in between [CTRL + Y].

Highlight allSelects all elements of the program plan [CTRL + A].

CopyCopies the currently selected element [CTRL + C].

CutCuts the currently selected element [CTRL + C].

InsertInserts the previously copied or cut element [CTRL + V].

DeleteDeletes the currently selected element [DEL].

PrintOpens the print dialog for printing the program plan [CTRL + P].

Print preview

To enter the settings for printing the program plan, open the dialog Settings for Print List with this button. The preview will open after affirming the setting with OK.

Printer setupTo select the desired printer or to adjust the attributes for printing please select the option Printer setup