Scheduling Stages

Basically a plan or schedule is created by the successive scheduling of individual versions until the plan represents a cohesive progression of events without overlappings or remaining times. On the creation of a plan it gets ever more detailed. There are three operational steps or stages that succeed each other:


1. Template Scheduling (Scheme)

  • Creating and editing a slot template to prepare the scheduling of series
  • Placing slots and slot strings with sequel and rerun connectors
  • Planning of commercial breaks
  • Applying a commercial price schedule

Reusable slot template

2. Program plan (Programmer)

  • Loading and applying a slot template
  • Scheduling of program versions for a certain period and channel
  • Scheduling of commercial breaks

Program plan with events for a certain period and channel

3. Broadcast plan (Planner)

  • Scheduling on the basis of an existing program plan (Programmer)
  • Import and export of ad breaks
  • Filling the remaining times
  • Scheduling of secondary events and layouts
  • Ad sales overview / Ad check
  • Export of the broadcast schedule

Frame-precise and complete broadcast plan, creation of a playlist, generating reports