1.3.1 Edit Schedule Sections


In the Programmer you can define schedule sections for a long-term schedule. The definition of a schedule section enables you to open certain periods of certain days all next to each other (maximum 90 days from today). You can check the correct scheduling of long-term series this way.

Example: If you plan a series for Monday evening for the next three months, you can define a schedule section and look at all Monday evenings of the next 90 days.

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To define the schedule sections, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click the button Edit schedule section of the tab Tools.
  2. Click the button  in this dialog to insert a new line.
  3. Enter a title for your scheduling section in the field Description and select the desired Channel.
  4. Now please define the duration of the schedule section from/to.
  5. Activate all required flags for the week days which should be incorporated into the scheduling section (e. g. Monday and Wednesday).
  6. Close the dialog with OK.

Once having defined such a scheduling section you can blend it in or out within your actual program schedule with the help of the button View > Show schedule section. All existing scheduling sections of this currently loaded channel will be displayed in individual tabs.

In the view of the scheduling sections the X and Y axes are interchanged, meaning that the time is arranged horizontally, the days are arranged vertically. This way you will get a fast overview on the various slot strings of a series. By stripping a slot, you can create a slot string quite easily. In case of scheduled events in the event calendar these events will be displayed in the individual schedule sections, too.

Order of Schedule Sections

The order of the schedule section tabs is defined by the field Order position in the dialog Schedule section.

Individual Write-Protection for the Scheduling Sections:

Usually, all scheduling sections are in write-protection mode that is they are locked for editing.

  1. To effect this, please click on the lock symbol in the navigation bar .
    → Now you may now make a right-mouse click on the scheduling section you wish to edit.
  2. Open the write-protection by choosing Edit.

    → This section can be edited then and will be locked for other Programmer users at the same time. However, the other scheduling sections can be opened for editing.

Scheduling the Schedule Sections:

The scheduling of these schedule section is carried out just as the normal scheduling process: 1.3.4 Scheduling of Series