1.3.2 Event Calendar

In the Programmer you can create events for a certain channel and time. These events serve as a reminder during your scheduling process, e. g. to schedule specials/concerts. You can open the event calendar by clicking on Tools > Open event calendar.

Add New Events and Edit Events

You can create new events by clicking on the button Add new event . The dialog Edit event opens. You can enter the following specifications:

  • Channel: select a channel from the drop down list
  • Period: enter a date or a time period
  • Content: enter text concerning the event
  • Period/Date: select whether the event will be for a period or a date
  • Color: select a color for the event by clicking the button 
  • Repetition rule: the dialog provides a repetition function for events that are repeated periodically (e.g. once a year). Options include No repetition as well as the repetition intervals Week, Month, Quarter and Year.

Click OK to save the new event.

For existing events, you can open the dialog Edit event by selecting the event and clicking on the button . As soon as you open a program plan window which includes the date or period of the event, it will be indicated in an individual event line under the calendar dates. Those events will also be displayed on opening scheduling sections.

The Web Application Event Calendar

There is also a web application event calendar for which three buttons have been created in the Programmer. These buttons enable users to show or hide the column Events in the scheduling grid.

By clicking on the arrow  next to a button, you can open a dialog in which you can choose which of the available calendars should be displayed in the column Events. It is possible to select one or several calendars. The three buttons enable you to save three different settings and access them quickly by clicking on the respective button.