1.3.3 Right Mouse Editing Options

The right-mouse menu enables various editing options for all elements within the Programmer (Events, programs, series, slots, flags etc.). Depending on the selected content these right-mouse options are active or inactive. These editing options are described in the following:


Name Further Information
Edit event 4.1 Dialog Edit Event
Show program 2.1 Tab Start
Show series 2.1 Tab Start 
Show sequence 2.1 Tab Start 
Show material set 2.1 Tab Start 
Insert ad break 2.1 Tab Start 
Correct event length 2.3 Tab Program Schedule
Exchange version 2.6 Tab Wizards
Show scheduling status 2.3 Tab Program Schedule 
Flags 2.3 Tab Program Schedule 
Apply ad break model 4.4 Dialog Apply Ad Break Model
Apply ad break time model 4.6 Dialog Apply Ad Break Time Model
Activate commercial price schedule 4.8 Dialog Select Ad Break Price Schedule
Clip create

Customer-specific option

Clip delete

Customer-specific option

Clip play

Customer-specific option

Event Calendar Events

Name Further Information
New event 1.3.2 Event Calendar
Edit event 1.3.2 Event Calendar
Delete event 1.3.2 Event Calendar
Open event calendar 1.3.2 Event Calendar
Write protection for day (activating and deactivating) 1.3.2 Event Calendar


Name Further Information
Edit slots 4.3 Dialog Edit scheme slot
Delete slots Slots can be deleted in the Programmer. It makes no difference whether the slot is empty or carries events! To delete a slot, please select it in the program plan and click Delete slots in the context menu of the right mouse. The slot chain wizard opens.
Fit slots to clips

With this function you can adjust the length of the current slot to the length of the scheduled event/s. This way you clear space for the successive events that should not be placed within the current slot. Please save the plan afterwards.

Attach new ad break to slot

This function allows you to assign ad breaks to any slot in the program plan window. Enter the duration of the ad break (duration in hh:mm:ss:ff) and click OK.

Write protection (activating and deactivating)

You may resolve the write-protection for individual slots, slot strings or slot types in a locked program plan. Thus you have writing access for these elements. It makes sense to employ this function for users that are working simultaneously in the Programmer because only the slot/elements which are edited by one user will be locked for the other.

  1. To enable this parallel working please lock the current program plan window.
  2. Please mark the required slot and select this function in the context menu of the right mouse (e. g. for a slot string): the opened lock symbol in the all affected slots informs you that you have writing access to it. A further click on the same option will lock the slot, thus write-protecting it.
  3. You may do the same with several marked slots or for all slots of the same type.


Please regard that you may not edit the unlocked slots/slot strings across the borders of these slots. For example, if you wish to schedule an event which is longer than the opened slot your changes will be discarded as you have no access! Return to the full write-access of the plan after finishing your work.

Flags 2.3 Tab Program Schedule
Activate commercial scheduling of slots to events 2.3 Tab Program Schedule
Apply ad break model 4.4 Dialog Apply Ad Break Model
Apply ad break time model 4.6 Dialog Apply Ad Break Time Model
Activate commercial price schedule 4.8 Dialog Select Ad Break Price Schedule
Schedule repeat slots

As can be seen in this figure the two slots are linked by a repeat connector (green arrow). If the first slot contains an event, you may actively schedule the repeat of this event for the second slot (and all further slots). Please select the first (preceding) slot and click on this option in the context menu of the right mouse.


Usually carrying out this option is only necessary if the rerun connector is set AFTER the scheduling of events or within the process of linking two slot templates in a program plan thus completing the series scheduling. Usually the series planning takes place automatically if all connectors are set.

Schedule repeat slots of all sequels

You have the option to complete the scheduling of all repeats into the repeat slots of a scheduled series: Please click on the source slot and select the option Schedule repeat slots of all sequels in the context menu of the right mouse.

Empty repeat slots

In order to empty the scheduled repeat slots of a sequel, please select the source slot or the entire slot string (multi-selection with the mouse or by [CTRL]). Click Empty repeat slots in the right mouse menu to empty all repeats of this slot string.

Empty sequel slots

In case the sequence of the scheduled episodes or programs is not correct or an episode is missing in one of the sequel slots, it makes sense to empty the slot string, edit the sequence of the series to schedule the series correctly afterwards. By selecting the source slots or any slot of a slot string you can delete alle repeats AND sequels of this slot string. Only the source slot will keep its scheduled series episode. After emptying the slot string you can now schedule the correct sequence of series episodes.

Select repeat slots

This function serves to simultaneously shift the source slot and its repeat slot:

  1. After selecting the source slot in the program plan, please go the right mouse-menu option Select repeat slots.
  2. Now both slots are selected and you may shift them to the desired position in the plan simultaneously
Select sequel and repeat slots

In case you need to shift or reposition an entire slot string with source slot, repeat slot and sequel slots, please do the following:

  1. Mark the source slot and select the option Select sequel and repeat slots in the menu of the right mouse
  2. The entire slot string will be selected. Now you can move all elements of this slot string simultaneously to the desired position in the program plan.
Continue series
Reorganize sequel slots

The figure below shows a slot string with two scheduled episodes per slot. In the first slot the episodes are arranged in another way than in the subsequent slots. This can be corrected with the function Reorganize sequel slots. If a slot contains two or more episodes, you may arrange their individual positions in this slot and take over this modification into the subsequent slots. After modifying the source slot, please open the context menu of the right mouse for this slot and click Reorganize sequel slots. The subsequent slots will be corrected according to your changes.

Adjust length of sequel slots

In case the length of sequel slots differs from the length of the previous slots, you may adjust the lengths of these slots to the length of the source slot in the context menu of the right mouse.

Usually the Programmer displays a message as soon as you edit the length of a slot within a slot string:

Click Yes to automatically adjust the length of all sequel- and repeat slots.

Copy market shares

With this wizard, you can copy the market share (tab Coverage) from one slot to other slots of the same type and in the same time range. The following dialog opens:

In this dialog, you can add, how many minutes a slot can vary from the time range of the current slot. If a slot is within this time range, the market share of the current slot is copied to this slot. If the slot is out of the time range, the market share is not copied.


Further Information
Edit edges 2.3 Tab Program Schedule
Delete edge 2.3 Tab Program Schedule