4.3 Dialog Edit Slot Price Model

You can classify slots on the basis of a slot price schema, thus assigning prices for slots according to a price matrix. This function is of advantage for performing forecast scheduling. As a first step, you need to define a valid slot price schema:

  1. Select the button Program schedule > Slot price schedule > Edit.
  2. Click the button Add new slot price model and enter a name for the new slot price model. In case you wish to edit an existing model, select the respective line.
  3. The second window of this dialog serves to define the pattern details: You mal insert as many lines as required:
    • Position: the order of the individual pattern is determined by numerical positions. You may recalculate the order with the button Calculate numerical positions.
    • Raster: Please select the raster via the drop down list. The entries of this list (e. g. Major 1, Major 2, Blockbuster etc.) can be modified and extended in the parameters of the ContentExplorer.
    •  Genre: Please select the genre via the drop down list. The entries of this list (e. g. Major 1, Major 2, Blockbuster etc.) can be modified and extended via the parameters of the ContentExplorer.
    • Price and currency: Enter the price for the selected fields and select the respective currency.
    • Ex1 (exchange rate1): Please enter the Geben Sie den exchange rate for the selected currency.
    • Ex2 (exchange rate2) and local price: By entering the exchange rate 1 the reverse rate is calculated automatically and the local price will be entered.
    • Local currency: Please enter the currency after conversion.
    •  Rating: Evaluation/classification of the slots (A, B, C and. 1, 2, 3 etc.)
    •  Program type: Selection of the program type which should be scheduled into the slot.
    •  License category: If required, please enter the licence category such as current/library etc.
    • Amortization method: If required, enter the amortization method, too (flat, linear, etc.).
    • Run number: Please enter whether the event is a first run (1) or a repeat (0).


The more exactly the matrix is determined, the less scope is left for deviations on applying the slot price schema on the slots: If the parameters of the slot are not in accordance with the requirements defined in the slot price schema, no price can be entered! As soon as the slot price schema has been defined, you may apply it on the slots in your program schedule: Programm schedule > Slot price model > Apply.