Ad Cut

Here, the asset with the most fitting ad cut is selected for the event automatically. If several ad cuts are available, you may also select it manually. Per default setting of an ad cut: It is possible to define the default ad cut in the dialog Edit asset by setting a flag in the Ad cuts tab. This will be taken automatically. In case a comment goes with the ad cut, this comment will also be displayed in the ad cut field. The individual ad cut positions serve to calculate the detailed lengths of the individual segments.


 Ad cuts that are no longer in use can be blocked in the Content Explorer by the flag Previous (dialog Edit asset , tab Ad cuts) and are then no longer visible. Ad cuts marked as Previous still exist in the system, but are no longer visible for normal users and cannot be scheduled. Ad cuts that have been scheduled and are only flagged as Previous afterwards are still visible for the user; however, the dialog Edit event shows the information that this ad cut should no longer be used (Ad cut: information is shown in brackets behind the title of the ad cut).