2.3 Tab Broadcast Schedule

In this tab you can press the following buttons:



Saves the current program plan. Please make sure to save your broadcasting plan regularly.


Planner message on saving the plan Do you want to save your changes?: This message appears whenever there are unsaved changes in the background of the broadcast plan. Here it makes sense to firstly call the function Track changes before saving the plan. This message can be activated/deactivated in the options of the Planner (Admin > Options > Broadcast date > Flag Apply modification log automatically).

Schedule simulation mode

You may open the loaded broadcast plan in a simulation mode. This mode represents a copy of the broadcast plan with all events and their coloring. The difference to the real broadcast plan lies in the fact that the schedule simulation mode is a plan grid without any hierarchy levels or containers (slots, ad breaks, blocks). It only contains real events such as trailers, ad spots and programs. The elements can be moved and shifted as desired to test program changes if needed. The purpose of the simulation mode is a remain time calculator with ad check. In this mode you may test rapid scheduling changes in case of pending program changes. The plan grid of this simulation mode works without any rules so that you may move and shift all elements of this plan copy - thus you may also delete or shift individual program segments. This mode only includes simple calculation rules for begin, duration etc. and the ad check. Remain times and overlaps are displayed in this mode.

The schedule simulation mode cannot be saved as broadcast plan. However, it can be copied and inserted into another program (e. g. Excel) via the right mouse. New elements (trailers /programs) can be scheduled into the simulation mode out of folders via drag and drop. For each broadcast plan you may open four different schedule simulation modes. You may switch between these modes with the button Planning > Windows.

Event search

Opens the dialog for searching for events. This dialog serves to search for certain events which are scheduled in the currently loaded broadcast plan (default setting) or in the selected time period (from/to). Please enter the title or number of the element you are searching for. You may select the start or end date via calendar option. The search result ist displayed in list form.


You may find titles or events by searching for a certain known text within the open broadcast plan. The dialog Find can also be opened by pressing [CTRL + F].

Enter a title or the search text. In case of a successive search the event will be highlighted. With the buttons Backward and Forward you can jump between the different results.

Reload periods of usage

If the utilization times of events were changed during the scheduling process these changes will not be taken over into the current plan. To do so you need to carry out a manual updating of the periods of usage with the help of this option. Any potential errors such as trailer usage errors, design element usage errors etc. will disappear by updating these periods of usage in the plan.

Schedule comments

Opens a list of all schedule comments.

Create schedule comments

Opens the dialog Comments. Here you can add a comment.

Recalculate schedule

Recalculates the schedule.

Confirm material

Confirms the material.

Adapt Ad breaks to Adsales

Adapts ad breaks to ad sales.

Edit plan visibility

The visibility of certain data can be restricted with this button. After selecting a channel from the drop-down list, the dialog Edit plan visibility offers several options that can be activated for a certain period of time or up to a certain end date:

  • Visibility of the schedule in the Event Calendar (end date)
  • Visibility of the schedule in the ContentExplorer (end date)
  • Plan variant editable in the Planner (period of time from - to)

You can specify several periods of time for the option Plan variant editable in the Planner. A click on the button on the right-hand side creates a new line with a new period of time. Furthermore, you can delete a highlighted line by clicking on the button on the right-hand side

Set schedule in progress

Sets the status to In progress (Status for editing the broadcast schedule).

Remove fix flags from ad breaks

Sets the status to Remove fix flags from ad breaks (Broadcast schedule is completed).

Set schedule completed

Sets the status to Completed (Broadcast schedule is completed).

Set schedule approved

Sets the status to Approved. The broadcast schedule can only be released if it is error-free and complete.

Set schedule broadcasted

Sets the status to Broadcasted (Status after its export and broadcast - no changes are possible anymore).

Setting the status of the broadcast plan is an optional task. Depending on the scheduling progress several scheduling status will be passed. The setting of the respective scheduling status is user-specifically bound to some conditions. For example, only a released schedule can be exported; an exported schedule cannot be modified. (To change an exported schedule you have to set the status Broadcast schedule in progress).