Parental Rating Wizard

The CreateCtrl Suite has a parental rating wizard, which can automatically schedule parental rating warnings. It can be started in Wizards > Parental rating wizard.

A few settings have to be done beforehand though:

  • In Admin > Edit parameters > Parental Rating, all parental ratings, which need a parental rating warning, have to be tagged with a keyword in Attributes > Parental Rating Board.
    If there is no such attribute as Parental Rating Board, you need to ask CreateCtrl, if they can create one for you (abbreviation: JST).
  • In Admin > Edit parameters > Design element type, there has to be a design element type Parental Rating Board with the abbreviation FSKTA.
  • There have to be design elements of the type Parental Rating Board, which have keywords which correspond with the parental rating board value attribute in the parameters (like FSK16). In Admin > Edit parameters > Keyword, you can add all values keywords. The design elements need to have valid usage periods.