4.1.3 Tab Advertising


The selection of various ad break types (e. g. before or after the event / ad break for secondaries or trailer) defines how the ad breaks are arranged within the slot and to which event they can be allocated. For example, there can only be one ad break before and after an event. A second ad break of this type would automatically be assigned to a second event within the slot - see example dialog above with two events! In case only one event is scheduled into the slot during the scheduling process, the second ad break will stick to the slot.

This event tab serves to insert ad breaks and to determine the segment lengths.


Inserting ad breaks manually only makes sense in some particular cases! Usually you can schedule your ad breaks and advertising easily as follows:


  • You may use a slot template with ad breaks within the slots (created in the Scheme). In this case you may take over the ad breaks from the slots to the events automatically. You only need to create ad breaks for those events, that do not lie within any slots or that lie within slots without ad breaks, see 2.3 Tab Program Schedule, load slot template or Activate commercial scheduling of slots to events 2.3 Tab Program Schedule.


  • In case you have created an ad break model in the Scheme or Programmer you can now apply it to the scheduled events. Depending on event length and time the ad breaks will be scheduled into the events, see Apply ad break model (2.3 Tab Program Schedule).

To schedule ad breaks within events, please click on the button Add new ad break  and enter the following fields:


Commercial breaks Nr Ad break number Begin Duration Fix duration (Wizard) (Only Programmer) Non Commercial duration (Only Programmer) Ad break type Tariff category Ad price group Hour Index number Ad break code External ID

Begin: You can enter the begin of the commercial break in this field, to position the commercial break within the program. This is how you can adjust the begin of the single segments of the later program. You can also determine the begins in the dialog Edit the lengths of the segments (opens with the button ).

Pull the segment borders with the mouse to the desired position or enter the duration of the individual segments in minutes. Thus the start time of the individual ad breaks will be overwritten and the fix flag will be set!


Please note that a manual segmentation will be overwritten as soon as material has been activated for this event. Thus determining the segment lengths only makes sense on scheduling ad breaks without material allocation! In general the segment lengths are distributed evenly within the event.

The new ad breaks are displayed depending on your presettings in the Programmer as colored rectangles or text:

Insert Ad Break

This function allows you to insert ad breaks individually for scheduled events provided that you haven‘t inserted the ad breaks already via a loaded slot template. You can position them before, within or behind scheduled events in the program schedule.

With this function you can insert the ad breaks either

  • before the event,
  • within the event or
  • after the event.
  1. Please select the event (or several events by multi-selection by holding the [SHIFT] key) and choose the option Insert ad break in the context menu of the right mouse.
  2. Please select the position of the ad break (before, within or after the event).
    → the following dialog opens:

  3. Enter the duration of the ad break and click OK.

    → The ad break will be inserted according to your specifications.