4.1 Dialog Edit Event

As soon as a certain element (a program or a series) is scheduled at a certain time on a certain channel, it becomes an event.


Please note, that you can not the same event two times right after each other. A minimum rotation time can be adjusted in the parameters of the ContentExplorer (tab Broadcast). This rule makes sure, that an event is twice in a too short time. For example, you can add a minimum distance of 8 hours (D008). This means, that at least 8 hours have to be between two EDays (reruns excluded). If you violate that rule, a license error is shown in the dialog Edit event.

You can open the event dialog by double-clicking on an event in the schedule or in the right-mouse menu of the event.

The following tab is similar to those in the dialog Edit scheme slot:

The dialog Edit event has the following tabs: