1 General

The Scheme is an application for creating and editing reusable slot templates which are used to support the scheduling process in the Programmer.
In the Scheme a slot template is created. The slots are arranged in such a way as is required for the program planner using the Programmer. The template determines which events are to be scheduled at which positions in the later scheduling process.

Thus, employing the Scheme applications makes sense primarily for channels that schedule series and ads:

  • A slot template allows an automatic series scheduling in the Programmer: Each episode gets a slot in the template. A series is represented via a slot string, connected by sequel and repeat connectors. On the basis of these slot strings the Programmer can strip the series episodes into the slots.
  • The slots of a slot template can be prepared with ad breaks of a certain type. These ad breaks can be taken over into the Programmer on to the scheduled events.

A slot template is defined via a fix number of arbitrary days - 1 day to a month. The Programmer can load these slot templates for any calendar day.