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Welcome to the user documentation of the CreateCtrl Suite 10.

This space is entirely about Scheme. For other products of the CreateCtrl Suite 10, see here.

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Neue Features

Version 10

Version 10.2

 New features released in version 10.2.0 - July 2018
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You can now add a price to a scheme slot.

3.3.1 Tab General

Version 10.0

 New features released in version 10.04 - June 2017
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Slots can now be planned in seconds, instead of minutes.

 New features released in version 10.03 - March 2017
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It is now possible, to collapse the header to save space. This can be done with the button or per double click on a menu item in the header.


Ad break models and ad breaks can now be planned per drag-and-drop.

3.5 Dialog Edit Ad Break Model

You can now use the function Settings load/save from the ContentExplorer in Scheme as well.

2.5 Tab Admin
 New features released in version 10.00 - September 2016
New FeatureMore Information
The icons and names of several functions have been changed, so that there is more continuity between Scheme and Programmer.2.2 Tab Planning

The tab Coverage has been added to the dialog Edit scheme slot. Here you can record planned market shares of a slot.

3.3.4 Tab Coverage

Version 7

Version 7.2

 New features released in version 7.22
New Features
Checkbox „Ignore trailer ad breaks” on applying the ad price schedule: On applying the commercial price schedule it is possible to per default avoid assigning an ad price group per default for trailer ad breaks. 

Changing the sequence of entries in the ad break model: Via arrow keys it is now possible to change the seqence of the entries in the ad break model (the third window).

Copying individual lines in the ad break model: It is now possible to copy a selected line in the ad break model (and change its parameters as required), so that it is not necessary to enter the data again.

The default length of ad breaks can be controlled via the parameters in the CE (tariff category): The standard times of the tariff category can now be set (field „duration”) via the parameters of the CE.