1.3 General Functions

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar serves to select and open the channel and the broadcast day. The broadcast day can be opened by click on the button . In addition, the bar contains the following options:

  • Switch to the previous or following broadcast day by using the arrow buttons.
  • Locking the broadcast day: to write-protect the broadcast day please select the symbol . The actual broadcast section or day will then be released for editing by other users in the Planner or Programmer, but it will be write-protected for you. By selecting the button again, the plan will be un-locked again (un-locked button-symbol).
  • Button : To modify the settings of the broadcast day such as start or end time for the broadcast day, open the dialog via this button and enter the required times. The default setting is + 1 day, since the usual broadcast day comprises 24 hours and is opened for example from 05.00 to 05.00 of the following day. 
  • Go-to-Button : In a fully planned and thus very long scheduling list you can jump quickly to a certain time by using this button.


In the broadcast window you can bookmark the events by pressing [CTRL] + a number (e. g. [CTRL + 7]). At a later time you can jump to the marked event by clicking on [SHIFT + number] [SHIFT + 7]. You can use several bookmarks simultaneously.

Track Changes

You may track all changes you made in the Programmer since opening the current program schedule and carry out a reload from the data base. For doing this, click the button . The tab Modification log will open in the data bar of the Planner. Here, all conflicts since opening the plan will be displayed. In case material data has been changed in the meantime, these events will now show an error now (e. g. a length error). Usually, by starting this function, all length errors will be resolved automatically.


Note of the Programmer on saving the plan Do you want to save your changes?:

This note appears in case there are changes in the background of the plan that have not yet been taken over into the plan. Here it makes sense to click the button , before saving the plan. You may activate/deactivate this note-option in Admin > Options > Broadcast date > Flag Apply modification log automatically.