3 Data Sources

The data sources in the Programmer represent your source for scheduling programs and series into the program schedule. The schedule-able elements can be positioned in the plan via drag and drop out of the various tabs of the data sources. All data sources tabs contain lists which can be arranged and filtered according to your needs. In addition to the standard tabs you can also open folder tabs in the data sources which offer further program or series versions for scheduling.


The data of all CreateCtrl Suite applications are saved in the same database, thus you have access to all data that are saved in the ContentExplorer and Programmer. In the right-mouse menu in the Programmer you can open the ContentExplorer dialogs for programs and series. 

You can arrange each search result list in the data sources tabs according to your needs:

  • The lists can be sorted alphanumerically up- or downwards for each column.
  • You can filter each result list.
  • You can arrange the columns in two or more lines. This way each entry of the list takes two or more lines thus making the list more clearly arranged.
  • The search list also contains the channel allocation.
  • You can blend out/in any columns.
  • Each list can be copied to the clipboard (and pasted into Excel etc.).
  • You can drag-and-drop each tab and place it freely on your screen. After a restart of the application, the tab is placed in the data sources again, so you can never loose a tab. But if you double-click a tab, it is placed on the last position.