4.2 Dialog Options

The options can be opened in Admin > Options. The dialog contains the following tabs:

The three layout buttons in the tab Coloring of the header enable you to save and activate three different, personalized layouts. With these buttons, you can also switch between these layouts.

Saving or Loading Program Options

All settings that were defined in the options can be saved in a registry file. This makes sense if you work with various settings: You can switch easily between them and you do not have to redefine them each time. Additionally, you may save your settings into the database. This option is advisable if you log on into the Programmer from various work stations. Please click the button Admin > Settings load/save > Save to file. On saving the settings into the registry please enter a file name and click on Save.

To make your program settings available again, please load them by clicking the button Admin > Settings load/save > Export options.