1.3 General Functions

Navigation Bar

With this bar you can select the channel and the time period for which the program plan is to be opened. You can also carry out a reload of the plan and to resolve the write protection via this bar:

  • Channel selection: Select the service that you want to open via the drop-down menu
  • Selection of the start date: Please select the first date of the program plan via calendar function.
  • Arrow button right/left: These arrow button allow you to navigate within the program plan on the basis of the selected day span. For example. 7 days: via the right arrow button you will move 7 days further in the calendar)
  • Number of days: Select the number of days that should be opened from the start date on. This can be 1 to 360 days. The more days you open, the longer it takes to safe your plan.
  • Reload: Use this button  to load the program plan after selecting the channel and the time period. It also makes sense to carry out a reload after scheduling actions or changes in the plan. This way the data is reloaded from the database and effects the update of the data in your plan.
  • Write-protection: Deactivate the write-protection  in order to enable the editing of the program plan. In case you cannot resolve the write-protection the program plan is either already open in another session (e. g. by another user) or it is opened in the Planner. As a third reason you wish to open a plan that was already exported and sent. Thus you cannot carry out any changes anymore in this plan. You can activate the write-protection of your program plan on purpose to make it possible for another user/air-time planner to access the plan.


Changes on a program plan that has been sent already can only be effected in the Planner. In addition it is possible to resolve the write-protection for certain days and for certain slots in the plan (slot-specific write-protection, 1.3.1 Edit Schedule Sections).

Track Changes

You may track all changes you made in the Programmer since opening the current program schedule and carry out a reload from the data base. For doing this, click the button . The tab Modification log will open in the data sources of the Programmer. Here, all conflicts since opening the plan will be displayed.
In case material data has been changed in the meantime, these events will now show an error now (e. g. a length error). Usually, by starting this function, all length errors will be resolved automatically.


Note of the Programmer on saving the plan Do you want to save your changes?:

This note appears in case there are changes in the background of the plan that have not yet been taken over into the plan. Here it makes sense to click the button , before saving the plan. You may activate/deactivate this note-option in Admin > Options > Planning > Flag Taking over the change protocol automatically, 4.2.2 Tab Planning.

Moving Slots and/or Events in the Plan

In order to move a slot togeter with the event you need to activate the slot and event view (see 2.4 Tab View).

  • Moving the event only: If an event lies in a slot, click on the event to select it and move it while holding and pressing the mouse to the required position. Only the event is moved the slot remains at its position.
  • Moving slot and event: select the slot and move it to the required position. The event in it will be repositioned, too. Or: Select both the slot and the event and move it to the required position while holding and pressing the mouse.

Edit Program

You can view the program data for each scheduled event in the Programmer by opening the ContentExplorer dialog Edit program. Please select the event and choose the option Edit Program in the tab Start or in the context menu of the right mouse. The dialog Edit program offers you detailed information in the various tabs. These are program version data, video and audio data, parental rating data, information on assets and material. In case you need to create or copy a new program version, edit the parental rating or length, start a workflow or else you can do this in the dialog Edit program, given that you have the respective editing rights to the data.

Edit Series

You have the option to view and edit the scheduled series in the Programmer. Open the dialog Edit series with a right mouse click on Edit series for the selected series or in the tab Start.

The series dialog is a ContentExplorer dialog, too. Usually the data of the series is entered in the various series tabs. Here you can create further series versions, modify the episode data, view material information etc.


Only the versions of a series episode are scheduled in the Programmer i. e. the linked programs of the series. You can edit the episode versions with a right-mouse click on Edit program. The dialog Edit series is the super ordinate dialog of the series. Here, only general information is administered to the series (number of episodes, channel affiliation, etc.) and its seasons and episodes.

Edit Asset

The dialog Edit asset is a ContentExplorer dialog. Usually the material data is provided in the ContentExplorer, however,it can be entered or edited in the Programmer and Planner. The dialog Edit asset is available for all schedule-able elements (program versions, episode versions).