5.1.3 Tab Licenses

The tab Licenses collects the objects of the contract, i.e. all licenses of this contract. A double-click on a license or a click on the button  Opens the license dialog  opens the selected license.


Licenses Contract position License numbers License begin License begin at the last License begin formula License begin formula value License end License end formula License end formula value  License category License type Rights category Rights territory Exclusive
  Versions Language attributes Rights category 1 Rights category 2 Price Currency License fee in local currency Local currency Minimum guarantee Minimum guarantee currency Number of runs Runs available Number of reruns Reruns available
  Comment Purchase license Previous license Contract date Contract number More contract numbers Contract name Contract category Contract type Contract type category Contracting party Contract status Contract status date Licensor
  Licensee Contract comment Responsibilities Number More numbers Title Original title More titles Program type Production Format Length Language Production period Production countries
  Channel affiliation Attributes Value attributes Parental Rating Rating authorities Evaluation Episode number Episode Series number More series numbers Series title Original series title Season Season title
  Season refnr Season production period Season number Language of series Number of episodes Episode length Material rights Parental Rating of Versions Language of versions Length of versions Archive Tentativ Episode Label
  Windows Genre Raster                      


Symbol Mouse-Over Beschreibung

Insert new license into this contract In order to create a new license for the current contract, please select the button Insert new license into this contract. The dialog Edit license  opens. Here you can enter the data of the new license and apply them to the contract dialog.

Delete license from contract To delete a license please mark the license and select the button Delete license from contract

Opens the license dialog  Opens the dialog Edit license of the selected license.

Edits all selected licenses

You have the option to edit several licenses simultaneously; entries that can be changed with this function are license begin, license end, exchange rate and license fee. For collective processing with regard to license begin, license end, exchange rate and/or license fee, please select all licenses you want to edit while holding down the CTRL key. Then click on the button Edit all selected licenses. This will open the dialog Collective processing of licenses .

Insert copy of selected license into this contract

In case you already created a license to the contract, you can copy it as often as needed and modify its data according to your demands. This way you only have to enter the basic data of the licenses just once.
Clicking on the button Insert copy of selected license into this contract opens the dialog Search. This dialog offers two options for searching licenses (please note that you can only use one of the options at a time; it is not possible to mix the search functions):

  • Search by entering title or number: Enter the title/number, then click on the button Start search. By activating the flag Fixed, you can fix certain entries of the results list. When you start another search, these entries will still be shown.
  • Search for licenses within a file via the field Search file: A drop-down list is not shown automatically; you have to key in the first few letters of the file name in order to get a drop-down list. You can then select a file from the drop-down list and click on the button Show content; the licenses in this file are then shown in the results list. With this function, using the flag Fixed is not possible.

If you select multiple licenses, the following dialog appears:

If you press OK, all selected licenses will be copied for different target content.

Opens series license wizard

It is possible to automatically create licenses for the episodes of a series by copying an existing license from an episode to a definite number of other episodes.
To do this please select one license and click on the button Opens series licenses wizard which opens the dialog Series license wizard .

License data copy wizard

This copy wizard enables users to copy data from an existing master license. The figure of due dates will be calculated on the bases of prices and minimum guarantee correspondingly to the percentage of prices.

Apply the utilization pattern to licenses Utilisation patterns enable you to insert windows in licenses. The button Apply utilisation pattern opens the dialog Apply utilization pattern .

Show all rights categories Shows all rights categories.

Show all rights areas Shows all rights areas.