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Welcome to the user documentation of the CreateCtrl Suite 10.

This space is entirely about the Planner. For other products of the CreateCtrl Suite 10, see here.

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New Features

Version 10

Version 10.2

 New features released in version 10.2.3 - November 2018
New FeatureFurther Information

If you lock a plan yourself, for example with an interrupted session, you can unlock the plan without an administrator.

When trying to unlock the plan and the plan is locked yourself, you will be asked if you want to close the other session.


Please note that if you close a session, all unchanged changes are lost!

1.3 General Functions
With the system parameter PLANNER_NO_PUBLIC_FOLDERS, all public folders will be hidden in the Planner. This limits the number of folders, but also denies access to public folders in the Planner.1.5.1 System parameters
 New features released in version 10.2.1 - August 2018
New FeatureFurther Information

In the scheduling assistant, the field Element is now filterd by the period of usage if it is a secondary event or a designelement. 

2.5 Tab Wizards

 New features released in version 10.2.0 - June 2018
New FeatureFurther Information

The scheduling assistant can now stay open, after an automatic scheduling was performed, so that you can perform another automatic scheduling immediately.

2.5 Tab Wizards

Version 10.0

 New features released in version 10.0
 New features released in version 10.07 - January 2018
New FeatureFurther Information

In the header, there is now a new tab Connect. In this tab, all licensed imports and exports are shown. If you have no licensed interface yet, this header will be empty.

1.13.7 Tab Connect

You can now expand and collapse ad breaks by tariff category.

There is a new macro @WSA, which can show the ad cut type of an event.4.1.1 Tab Broadcast Date
There is a new macro @EX, which can show the external ID of an ad break in the planner.4.1.1 Tab Broadcast Date
 New features released in version 10.06 - September 2017
New FeatureFurther Information
A description was added on how to configure the parental rating wizard.Parental Rating Wizard

The wizard Secondary on Trailer has been added.

2.5 Tab Wizards
 New features released in version 10.04 - June 2017
New FeatureFurther Information
The description of the Interstitial leader wizard has been enhanced.2.5 Tab Wizards
 New features released in version 10.03 - March 2017
New FeatureFurther Information

It is now possible, to collapse the header to save space. This can be done with the button or per double click on a menu item in the header.


You can now use the function Settings load/save from the ContentExplorer in the Planner as well.

2.7 Tab Admin
 New features released in version 10.00 - September 2016

New Feature

The scheduling assistant was improved. Ad breaks can now be planned in slots and do not need events like before. Additionally, you can add a Title prefix, so that these ad breaks are only scheduled after programs with a certain title prefix.

Example: You have a daily quiz show, with a specific ad break, but you also got other quiz shows, which are supposed to have different ad breaks. With this new feature, you can type in the title of the daily quiz show and prevent, that the other quiz show will automatically get the same ad breaks because of the same genre.

In addition, there is now a notice if you schedule an ad break, but there already exists an element with the same ad break type.

The dialog Edit events (double-click a scheduled event) can now have value attributes. Value attributes can be created and maintained in Admin > Edit parameter > Value attribute. If an attribute is supposed to be at an event, you have to select Event in the column Content.

Version 7

Version 7.5

 New features released in version 7.5
 New features released in version 7.51
New Feature

The version replacement wizard has been extended, so that you can replace versions with titles from a folder now. This enables you to store titles which can always be scheduled in a public folder and quickly reschedule your programs.

Version 7.3

 New features released in version 7.3
 New features released in version 7.37
New Feature
The JobCtrl wizard enables you to specify a target path. You have the option to enlarge the pop-up window for selecting the target path by dragging its lower right corner.
 New features released in version 7.34
New Feature
The version replacement wizard has been enhanced: It now shows a list of all planned programs of the selected original version. These programs can be selected and deselected via checkboxes; deselected programs will not be replaced.
With regard to trailer versions, commercial versions, commercials and DSG/secondary, the scheduling assistant now checks if the start time of the movie to which the trailer, commercial or secondary is assigned lies within the time period of the utilization time.
 New features released in version 7.31
New Feature

It is now possible to open several broadcast scheduling plans. You can open these plans by clicking on the button Open new broadcast and arrange them within the window according to your needs via drag-and-drop

The new wizard Activate variation schedules enables you to copy a schedule variation to the live plan of a channel. The wizard can be opened in Start > Activate/copy variation.

The visibility of certain data of a certain channel can be restricted (visibility of the schedule in the Event Calendar or the Content Explorer and editability of a plan variant in the Planner).

Version 7.2

 New features released in version 7.2
 New features released in version 7.29
New Feature
The data bar now also includes the tab Events in which all events that have been created in the Event Calendar (a separate web application) are shown as time-proportional bars for the selected period.
 New features released in version 7.28
New Feature
As broadcast material is available in different formats and no longer exclusively as „tapes”, this term has been changed to „assets” in the software. The documentation still uses the term „tapes”.
The function Reset view enables you to reset the view to the settings that were active when you last started the application.
If you activate the flag Default according to channel configuration, the broadcasting time will be set according to the channel configuration. When this flag is activated, it is not possible to change the broadcasting time manually.
 New features released in version 7.26
New Feature
The Scheduling Assistant now enables you to schedule trailer versions not only before and after, but also during an ad break.
 New features released in version 7.24
New Feature
The scheduling of series in the Scheduling Assistant has now been made easier: You can enter the first part of the series title in the field Title prefix which then enables you to search for all programs with this prefix.
The new Logo Wizard (header Wizards) enables you to schedule logos; it can be used in the same way as the Scheduling Assistant.
 New features released in version 7.23
New Feature
The new dialog Edit trailer ad break standard allocation enables users to create a standard allocation for trailers; the corresponding slots in the programmer will be filled in automatically.
 New features released in version 7.22
New Feature
Layout events with DefaultAction Offset: In addition to the AutoAction Offset there now is a default action offset, too. It only has an effect on the initial scheduling of the layout. The length of the secondary event is NOT reset during a rescheduling of the plan, only the start time is checked.